Who is Tooner?

Hi, I'm glad you've come to visit the Internet Cartoons Forum! Do you love cartoons? Then make the Internet Cartoons Forum the starting point for all your explorations of cartooning on the Internet.

Here's the round-about route I took to cartooning ...

Was surfing the Net in 1983, with a Commodore VIC20 computer and a 300baud modem. Began cartooning on an Apple Macintosh Plus computer in 1986. Tried magazine cartooning, and had some success in getting published. Wanted to discover where cartooning was going in the future. Developed an online cartoon feature for America Online in 1989, and hosted the Cartoons Forum there. Formed a small company in 1992, to develop new online cartoon features. Began hosting this site on the Web in 1996.

Cartoons -- they're not just for kids! Grown-up women and men, as well as younger people, appreciate the humor, the feeling, the storytelling, and the artistic talent represented in this great communcation art form.

I update this site nearly every day! Be sure and bookmark the NewStuff page and check back regularly. Each week here at the Internet Cartoons Forum we'll explore the world of cartooning. From the art and business, to collecting, from the fan phenomenon, to the innovation that is happening among amateur and professional cartoonists, animators, humorous illustrators, designers, writers, producers and publishers. There's plenty to see and learn on the Internet and beyond, and we're covering it all right here. Glad you could join us!

  - Peter Oakley (aka: "Tooner")
    Online Host for the Internet Cartoons Forum