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The ToonTalk Message Board

Ongoing topic discussions on every aspect of cartooning provide a place for the Internet community of cartoonists, fans and collectors to exchange information and ideas.
The Cartoon Bar

Here's where you can meet and get to know others who share your interest in cartooning, and explore live interaction in this graphical, whimsical, and friendly online neighborhood.

Help Page
Some instructions on how to create new topics and post messages on the ToonTalk Message Board.

ToonTalk Archives
Older topic discussions are moved to the archives. They remain online, and become part of the large searchable database at the Internet Cartoons Forum. (Archives available to subscribing members of the Internet Cartoons Forum.)

A FileMaker Pro Application
This message board stores topics and messages in a File Maker Pro database, and builds and delivers web pages from the database on demand. No special software is needed to use the ToonTalk Message Board.

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Built with The Palace
It's "The Palace," and it's very cool. The Palace has quickly become the most popular form of Internet chat. More than a million people have downloaded and are using the Palace conferencing software. The Cartoon Bar was built with the Palace graphical virtual world architecture.

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Download the Software
If you don't have it yet, you can visit the Palace web site and download the Palace Client software for your type of computer.

Grab the Background GIFs
Each room at the Cartoon Bar site has a background image. The backgrounds are automatically delivered to your computer as you move from room to room. As an alternative, you can get them all from this FTP site. Look for the "ReadMe.htm" page there; it explains what to do.

A review and description of the Cartoon Bar by cartoonist Ted Goff.

Go to the Cartoon Bar
If you already have the Palace Client software running on your computer, you can go to the Cartoon Bar right now!
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