ToonZone Relaunches with Three New Cartoon Festivals

Jul 22, 1999

The ToonZone Upload Library, one of the most popular sections of the Internet Cartoons Forum, is back online after a big redesign and technical upgrade. The all-new site features cartoons uploaded by amateur and professional cartoonists, animators, comic book artists and caricaturists from across the Web and around the globe.

"Cartoon festivals" in several new themes are attracting new cartoonists to the ToonZone for the first time. The MATESfest explores relationships between the sexes. PETSfest celebrates our furry friends and other talking animals. And the AUTOfest is about our love/hate relationship with the American automobile. In addition two previous cartoon festivals feature cartoon self-portraits and UFO themes.

ToonZone is where you can see the art, stories, and humor of a great variety of up-and-coming creators, with links right to their own Web sites when you're ready to see more of their work.

"In order for your cartooning to be successful, it has to be seen," says Pete Oakley, online host of the Internet Cartoons Forum. "Promotion is so important. You want to promote your cartooning in every way you can; it has got to be seen, not just in the ToonZone, not just on your own web site, but in every venue possible."

The ToonZone is here to help cartoonists at every level build a bigger audience for their work. Some are using it as a clever business card, with email and web site links so anyone can immediately click through to each creator's home page. And cartoonists can include a promotional caption with their uploads telling everyone more about themselves and their cartooning.

"With the relaunch of the ToonZone and its three new cartoon festivals, I expect we'll see a whole renewed interest in this section of the Internet Cartoons Forum," says Oakley. "Afew cartoonists who appear in the Upload Library may go on to become the next big hits on the Web! I hope this site can help to some degree in launching those stars and their cartooning."

Cartoonists interested in having their work considered for the ToonZone should first read the Frequently Asked Questions page on the site, and also review and understand the Upload Agreement granting a license for their work to appear there. New cartoons appear regularly on the site -- visit often to see what's new!