National Caricaturist Network Launches New Web Site
Cartoons in the News - May 13, 1999

A new Web site is intended to be the source for everything related to the art of caricature. This unique form of exaggerated portraiture finds popular use worldwide in publications and media, and is a lively form of entertainment at events and social gatherings. Funny faces are not just for politicians and celebrities; caricatures make everyone feel special!

The National Caricaturist Network is an international non-profit association of caricaturists which has as its purpose the promotion of the art of caricatures, the education of the public and its members about the art form and profession, and the assisting of its members to network with one another and to secure benefits that are available via a group and not to individuals acting alone.

The new National Caricaturist Network Web site will promote these goals for it's current membership of 300 artists. In addition to the Web site, the organization publishes the Exaggerated Features quarterly newsletter for its membership, and holds an annual convention to facilitate socialization, education, and competition. The organization claims some of the best caricature talent in the world in its membership.

National Caricaturist Network's members include celebrated artists such as Sam Norkin, Ruby Cristiano, Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Bruce Blitz, Pancho Wilmarth, Mike Peters and Sebastian Kruger. Many members are accomplished as artists not only in caricaturing, but in other artistic fields as well.

The new Web site features a monthly members profile, member art, news and announcements, highlights and updates from the quarterly newsletter, information about past and upcoming annual conventions, and links to a world of caricature-related sites.

   - Pete O