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Linkies Web Site Review - Sep 1, 1999

There are a lot of parodies of super heroes, but the best are done by people who A) have a real fondness for the genre, and B) can draw as well as real comic book artists. The above can certainly be said of Micheal C. Willis, writer, and Phillip K. Lane, artist, creators of SuperDuperHeroes.

Their story involves an ordinary guy named Elliott who takes a headache pill given to him by a mysterious scientist named Dr. Kirby. Already, real super hero fans should recognize a reference made by fellow fans. Anyway, Elliott turns into SuperDuperDude, and has to learn how to fly, control his new strength, and most all, land without hurting anyone. He is helped by the even more mysterious Mrs. Kirby, who knows everything and can whip up a new wardrobe in minutes, and by J.B., a down and out comics writer who knows how a superhero should act.

The strip is updated daily, with color Sunday sections which look very nice. I haven't read all of the archives yet, but I certainly will. I had just gotten to the point where Elliott meets his mom for the first time since becoming SuperDuperDude. If there's anyone who can bring a super hero down a peg or two, it's his mother.

   - Robin Reed