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Barstow Productions
Linkies Web Site Review - May 26, 1999

We'd like to take this memorial day weekend to honor one who has served dutifully in the trenches here at the Internet Cartoons Forum, reviewing cartoon sites from our Linkies Surf List and reporting the gems she finds each week.

Our reviewer is Robin Reed, a single-panel cartoonist, fiction and humor writer, and Vice President at Barstow Productions. The reviewers code of ethics prevents Robin from reviewing her own Web site, but that won't stop me -- I claim diplomatic immunity! Besides, Robin has watched countless cartoon sites rocket up the Linkies Surf List after she reviews them, and it's time she had her day.

Barstow Productions is for everyone who might enjoy strange single-panel cartoons, a comic strip about hell, and serialized humorous fiction on subjects ranging from aliens to the Titanic. In addition to her own features, Robin's site also has a links page to her favorite cartoon sites on the Web. Be sure to read the satirical "Interview" with Chuck Barstow, who recounts his many failed attempts at comics syndication, including the one about an avocado from Mars name Sphergplutz, and his puppy Ralphie. Why that one never made it, I really don't know.

   - Pete O