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About Copyright
Copyright infringement can carry both civil and criminal penalties. Before you print that cartoon in your newsletter, link it into your web site, or copy it onto a mug or a T-shirt, you should familiarize yourself with current U.S. copyright law. And if you're a cartoon creator, here's how the Fed is working for you.

Internet Use Guidelines
Lists and links to articles on various aspects of copyright.

The Copyright Website
A complete source of copyright info, this well organized site "endeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information" to netsurfers, creators, and other law abiding citizens.

Intellectual Property Online
Issues related to patent, trademark, and copyright law, in a quarterly online magazine format.

Crash Course in Copyright
University of Texas TX/US has an informative site that's actually fun to read and includes a "plain english copyright policy."

ILT Web Copyright Guide
The Institute for Learning Technologies at Columbia University NY/US provides a primer on copyright, especially for educators.